Jarrod’s Testimonial

“Always recommended! If we could take Jarrod with us to buy every house (we are military), we would. We used his services on the recommendation of a friend in 2015 and do not regret it. Jarrod has prior military experience and has been in the area a long while, so he is familiar with all possible local headaches, military nuances, and is great at finding exactly what you want. We are a fourth time homeowner, two of which Jarrod secured for us. The first time we bought in the area (second house for us), Jarrod truly found something I could not have ever found myself. We wanted a relatively newer house, so I was filtering out the house we ended up falling in love with. It was a 1994 and you would have never guessed it. We loved everything about it, and it was a great deal. It was custom built, HUGE yard, modern upgrades… incredible to say the least. Jarrod is also very calm and understanding and extremely easy to work with. For the 2015 house, Jarrod hunted for some houses for us online, based on our criteria, so my husband could fly out and look at the houses in the area. He made the whole process so easy for us. Jarrod is great at simplifying all the processes that can be overwhelming. We also used Jarrod’s services to sell the same house when we received orders to move out of state. Again, he made the process quick, easy, and painless. I have used two other realtors in other states and those were so frustrating I kept wanting to give up on those houses. Seriously, other realtors claim to have experience with military and then do not know what orders are and are asking for job references. He is sure to let us know what processes are normal and such. Sometimes it is easy to get overwhelmed by the processes that are easy kills because you do not know where to start. He takes care of everything for you. We trusted his services so much, when we received orders to move back into the area, we literally asked him to view houses FOR us, as we were still on the West coast. We did not want to deal with the hassle of flying coast to coast, especially during a pandemic. He did not hesitate, as usual, to help. He looked at a couple that we like that ended up too good to be true. He was very candid as he knew what we were looking for. The house we ended up getting is beyond amazing. I will say that the two houses that we used other realtors for, never quite felt like home. The two Jarrod found for us, went beyond our expectations. I am literally sitting on a fold out chair with my computer sitting on top of two large boxes, no furniture (moving company has not delivered yet) and I feel more at home than I ever did in my old house. This house is also something I would have never found. It is a 1987 and you would never know it. All renovated and such. We have an in-ground pool, nice Florida room, beautiful kitchen, wonderful layout, great neighborhood, and close to base. It is more than we could have imagined. Jarrod always pulls through. Not only that, but we were also going to overshoot the price by quite a bit to secure it and Jarrod crunched numbers and saved us money to get us the best deal possible. The owners wanted to put us in a bidding war with others and he was able to get us a great price and remove the headache of the bidding war so we could get the house. I am so glad we will have him around to sell when we get orders out of state but upset that we will not have him wherever we are going next. I cannot say enough good things about his services. I have enough stress and he has helped alleviate that. I have always recommended him to my friends and always will.”