Julie 3 Testimonial

I began looking for a rental house during the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. I did not expect the market to be such a shark tank but that is it EXACTLY what it was. Houses would only be posted for a day before they were signed. It seemed that every time I reached out about a house the realtor told me it had 5 applications already on it. My boyfriend and I realized that we were probably going to have to narrow down our expectations and settle for something less than we were hoping for. Following that mindset and in a panic, I requested a viewing of a property that was smaller than what we wanted. The realtor that usually showed the property was out of town, but he connected me to his colleague. This is where I met Jullie Sailors. I cannot sing Jullie’s praises enough. She really has gone ABOVE and BEYOND. She responded to my emails and texts immediately and showed us the property the SAME DAY. When she could tell that was not what we were looking for we began chatting. She gave us her card and told me to email her. Jullie was so sweet and precious but still I did not expect much to come from it. Regardless though I shot her an email, I sent over what we were hoping to find and what our budget was. All I can say is WOW!!!! Jullie emailed me back the SAME NIGHT. She had done research all over Athens and went out of her way to send us the available property catalog that the realtors had access to. We were able to view properties that had JUST been put on the market or were about to be put on the market. I am sure it took her a massive amount of time to do and yet she did it completely selflessly. She wasn’t helping us to get compensation or commission because she was showing us properties that matched OUR description of needs and wants regardless if they were her properties or not. She reached out to other landlords, realtors, and realtor companies for us. She scheduled showings, sent us virtual tours, photos, and property descriptions, and she connected us to the realtor who we ended up finding the perfect house with! Truly it would have been impossible if not for Jullie. I can truly say that Jullie is just such an incredible person and realtor and I am so thankful and lucky I met her! I definitely will be using Jullie as my realtor in the future!!!